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R.L. Prendergast

Baby, Please go to Sleep

Before our baby was born we were told that newborns wake every two to three hours to feed. However, by six months of age the typical baby will sleep for six hours or more in a row. Although the thought of half a year without a good night’s rest was not something we looked forward to, we knew billions of mothers and fathers before us had survived, and therefore so would we.

Trouble started right away. Our beautiful little boy woke up every hour of the day and night. We were thankful that he was eating well; however, sleep deprivation was slowly killing us. “It will get better! It will get better!” experienced parents told us, but the weeks and months passed and our baby continued to wake five, six, seven or even more times a night. “This isn’t right,” we said to each other. “We must be doing something wrong.” So we began to search for a way to get our baby to sleep for a few hours in a row.

We read every article on the Web. We took out every book in the library. We purchased every book in the bookstore. We tried everything the experts recommended. Nothing worked. Exhausted, we began to do things that well-rested people do not do. Mistaking liquid soap for toothpaste. Phoning friends and not recall talking to them. Falling asleep in the oddest places (although thankfully not while driving!).

Inspired by the tortuous situation we found ourselves in, I wrote a modern-day nursery rhyme and included some of the ridiculous incidents my wife and I (and some other sleep-deprived parents we spoke with) experienced. Once the nursery rhyme was written, I searched for an artist to bring it to life. It took a few years, but I finally found someone to interpret the rhyme the way I liked.

Although the book is dedicated to my wife and son, I am acutely aware that there are thousands, if not millions, of parents, who have a child (or children!) who have never slept through the night. Perfect for reading to your infant or toddler, this book is for you, too.

And just so you know, my son, who is now four years old, still doesn’t sleep through the night. All my wife and I can do is laugh. We hope you do too.

Baby, Please go to Sleep (cover)